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Rocket Society: L1 Rocketry Certification Pipeline Program

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Rocket Society: L1 Rocketry Certification Pipeline Program

"This program draws the focus of the club back to the first pillar of its mission statement: 'Assist in the completion of high-powered certifications for individual members.' The club will become a pillar not just for hardcore competitors in rocketry, but also for students of all levels of interest who wish to explore a new hobby. We will build a force for STEM education in the Rensselaer community.” - Kristopher Riordan

The Mission

Rensselaer Rocket Society tackles a variety of engineering challenges over the course of an academic year:

  1. Assist in the completion of high-powered certifications for individual members
  2. Compete in multi-level national competitions
  3. Design, test, and build subsystems and payloads to achieve specific goals for rockets, either for competitions or club decided projects
  4. Foster community outreach with the local Rensselaer and Troy community. 

What You're Supporting

In order to increase club members' and the local Rensselaer community’s accessibility to the world of high-power rocketry, the Rensselaer Rocket Society (RRS) is developing a L1 Rocketry Certification Pipeline Program. The initial purpose of the program is to allow new and current members to participate in a focused and accelerated environment for the construction of Level 1 high-powered rockets (HPR), in order to pass the associated L1 Certification Test and obtain a L1 high power license. The license will allow certified members to legally buy and handle Level 1 high power motors, a crucial step for many individuals to participate in advanced rocketry engineering competitions and pursue their own complex projects. 

To further aid the improved access to HPR, the RRS wants to design a custom designed L1 rocketry kit for new members that is cost-effective and straightforward to assemble. Donations will support the purchasing of kits and the costs of travel to the launch site, providing a solid foundation for each member’s rocketry engineering experience. 

Through this program, the Rensselaer Rocket Society will expand its community of rocketry and enable new members to join the club on outreach events where we help groups like the BSA Cub Scouts build and launch rockets. Rocketry is a hobby that drives people to build technical skills while becoming a part of a dedicated and passionate community. With your gift to this program, you will be supporting the students directly involved in the program and help them achieve their goals, while also bolstering the club’s capacity to reach out to the community.

We need to raise $2,000 in order to fund the purchasing of kits and travel expenses, which will ultimately empower members of the club to grow their rocketry knowledge and spread it to the Rensselaer community.

Who We Are

Rensselaer Rocket Society designs and builds high-powered rockets and their payloads to participate in various high-powered rocketry events and competitions. RRS works to foster the learning and application of aerospace engineering, as well as designing rockets through work on various other projects. RRS strives to increase RPI’s acclaim in high-power rocketry and aerospace circles. 

Your support will help RPI students in their aerospace endeavors now and in the future. Our projects provide our members with lucrative opportunities in the aerospace industry, from NASA to government contractors to space startups. We also do community outreach between our NRB event, helping local Scouts, and more.

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