Class of 1957 Spectrum Award

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Class of 1957 Spectrum Award

Spectrum Update from the ’57 Reunion Planning Committee


We are pleased to announce our second winner of the Class of 1957 Engineering Spectrum Award: Academics, Service, and Involvement. Sara Harper ’18. We are pleased that this year’s winner has a wealth of community services as well as service to Rensselaer in addition to her high academic achievement. Sara is from Utah and will graduate in May with a Biomedical Engineering/Mechanical engineering Dual major. Sara has contributed greatly to Rensselaer and its surrounding community in her four years of undergraduate schooling. On campus, she has thrived in leadership positions on the Varsity Women’s Soccer team, in the Ledet Musculoskeletal Mechanics Lab, in the Society of Women Engineers, and in Tau Beta Pi.


From the beginning, it has always been our intent to continue to grow Spectrum, as a class, for as long as we are able, so that our annual award can continue to be meaningful in the context of the rapidly increasing cost of education, and thereby have a significant and positive impact on future winners.  Help us get to our new goal of $150,000 by March 31, 2019. Class support has been strong from the start, and we implore you to continue to support this award.

Please see Sara’s note of thanks below:

"To the Class of 1957:

I wish to thank you all for your individual and collective efforts in continuing support for Rensselaer and its students, including myself. I am incredibly honored to be named as the recipient of this award, which bears the name of such an engaged and motivated class!

From the mission statement behind the development of the Spectrum Award fund, it is evident that your class is comprised of impactful RPI alums of the highest caliber, in terms of both technical ability and personal integrity.

Through your achievements, you have well established yourselves within your chosen fields, especially, engineering. Furthermore, through your passionate determination to further the field of engineering and the importance of STEM education by giving back to your communities, you have inspired me and many others to come.

As I finish my undergraduate schooling here at Rensselaer, I am more motivated than ever to apply myself to the best of my abilities to change the world for the better. I hope to meet many of you in order to personally thank you as well as to learn from the wisdom you have gathered in your many endeavors throughout life. You have made me all the more appreciative of this school and the opportunities that I am so fortunate to have. No amount of verbiage can ever fully express how grateful I feel to be supported by your class. As a proper thank you, I promise to one day pay this forward, so your unwavering support of and impact on Rensselaer will always be remembered. May past, present, and future students alike carry on the legacy of the Class of '57, Rensselaer, and belief in excellence in engineering.

Thank you,

Sara Harper '18"

The Class of ’57 is the only source of direct support for Spectrum.  If you have not yet become a Spectrum donor, please consider joining those of us who have.  If you are already a donor, please consider an additional gift from time to time.  As Spectrum grows, and future winners express their appreciation to our class, so will your pride and satisfaction in knowing that you have made a difference, by providing timely and valuable support to outstanding future alums, as they prepare to “…walk that path.”

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