Engineers Without Borders: Troy, Nicaragua, and Panamá

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Engineers Without Borders: Troy, Nicaragua, and Panamá

“RPI’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders is currently involved in aiding communities in Panamá, Nicaragua, and locally in Troy. Along with the guidance from our professional mentors, our club’s work is providing tangible solutions to real-world issues and enabling people to have access to basic human needs. The engineering problems that we solve require our club to travel to the communities we are working with, and purchase any necessary materials to construct the designs we create. Our organization would appreciate your support in helping us accomplish our goals and fulfill our mission. Thank you for helping us build a better community!” - Cameron Smith '22

What You're Supporting

Engineers Without Borders USA - RPI is an organization that supports community-driven development engineering programs both locally and internationally. Currently, we have three projects for which we are fundraising: our Troy project, which strives to provide rainwater catchment systems to community gardens locally; our Nicaragua project, which aims to renew the water distribution system in Sasle, Nicaragua; and our Panamá project, which seeks to install solar panels on the school and church of the Isla Popa II, Panamá. Since international travel is on hold at the moment, we would like to fundraise for methods of remote implementation, where workers can be instructed using materials provided by EWB on how to implement systems designed by EWB. A donation would help us acquire materials for all three of these projects.

With these projects, we will be able to improve the life of communities not only abroad but also locally. With our local project we will help Troy, a community with which Rensselaer has such synergy that the impact from this project will not stay only within the Troy community, but also extend to the Rensselaer community. The club also provides the students in the Rensselaer community with the opportunity to exercise RPI’s iconic motto “Why not change the world?” In EWB-RPI, students receive an opportunity to partake in projects that leave a life-changing impact in the communities with which we collaborate.

Who We Are

Engineers Without Borders-RPI is a non-profit club, and chapter of the larger, national Engineers Without Borders organization. The mission of EWB is to support community-driven development programs worldwide through the design and implementation of sustainable engineering projects, while fostering responsible leadership. For more information, please visit the Engineers Without Borders-RPI website.

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