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LEAP Virtual Training Series

“Our LEAPers work extremely hard year after year to both train new members internally and to train organizations externally. With the additional constraint of the virtual platform, LEAPers have worked tremendously to figure out how to continue to operate. This major accomplishment has led LEAP to 21 successful virtual workshops, ranging from a communication workshop for an RPI high school science camp to training 60+ RAs on how to build a team on a screen. This weR Gold project would go a long way in helping our organization to expand our virtual repertoire and continue to create new and meaningful workshops for other organizations.” - Lisa Sulmasy, Co-Coordinator

Who We Are

Leadership Educators Advising Peers (LEAP) is an Archer Center affiliated program that specializes in experiential learning. The members of LEAP are extensively trained in the experiential learning cycle, group dynamics, emotional safety, and different styles of leadership. Upon completing training, LEAPers spend the majority of their time developing and running workshops that focus on communication, problem solving, conflict management, and team building.

LEAP is a group of highly trained students that create and facilitate workshops for other students and student groups. Our audiences range from middle school to college aged students. We often focus on topics such as group dynamics, communication, conflict management, and problem solving. All of our workshops are tailored to each group based on their requests. Once we have an idea about what a group wants to gain from us, LEAPers use experiential learning and team building activities to start conversations about the group’s experiences and how to apply what they’ve done and seen. In other words, we want our groups to learn by doing. Once we have finished an activity, we facilitate learning by discussing what we did, why we did it, and how it can be useful in the future. For more information about LEAP, check out our website

Why Support Us? 

In this remote and quarantined world, it has never been more important to have your own community: people to rely on and communicate with. In-person extracurricular activities at Rensselaer have provided a crucial support system to a large population of students, through a variety of organizations reaching including professional, cultural, musical, social organizations, and more. The transition to the virtual platform has proved to be a challenge that many groups have been unable adapt to. Supporting LEAP means supporting the training of club members and student leaders throughout the many facets of RPI’s campus to create excitement, engagement, and community on the virtual platform.

By donating to LEAP, you are impacting not only the skillset of LEAPers but also the greater Rensselaer community. As LEAP does workshops for clubs, organizations, and student staff, LEAPers will be better equipped to teach experientially on the virtual platform, as well as share their resources with others.

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