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Rensselaer Motorsport: 2019

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Rensselaer Motorsport: 2019

“Rensselaer Motorsport represents the engineering design process in its purest form. The 30 undergraduate students who participate in this program not only get the opportunity to learn what it takes to design, manufacture, and test systems, they get a chance to prove their designs by racing against 120 teams from all over the world. By donating to the team, you are giving aspiring engineers the resources necessary to create the fastest and most exciting car the team has ever built. Through their car, they will represent RPI in the largest intercollegiate design competition in the world.” - Ryder Winans '19, Team Leader

The Mission

Your donation allows the team to build this year’s car, RM24, by helping us buy the materials and parts we need to make team member’s designs reality.  Without these parts, our team would not be able to successfully manufacture a competitive car from scratch each year.

What You're Supporting

Rensselaer Motorsport does more than just build a race car – we build better engineers. During their time on the team, members gain invaluable experience in the engineering design process, communication, teamwork, and more. These skills will serve them throughout their careers. The team gives Rensselaer students of all majors an opportunity to put what they’ve learned in classes to use, and lets them discover their skills and passions. 

Your donation is directly used to further this process. With proper funding, the team can purchase cutting edge technology and materials that give students a massive head start when they enter industry. Additionally, donations allow members to experiment and test new designs that otherwise would not be financially viable.

Who We Are

To many members, Rensselaer Motorsport is more than a club that allows them to tinker with a race car. Building the car is a passion that requires dedication, perseverance, and ingenuity. While building RM24, many students will be introduced to concepts before they learn them in class. Anyone who has worked on designing or manufacturing components for the car will tell you that the knowledge and hands-on experience they gain simply could not be taught in a classroom.  

In addition to the educational benefits, the team creates a close knit group that takes pride in our work. Rensselaer Motorsport has been a part of the Rensselaer community since 1992, and is proud to have a very strong and supportive alumni network. With your help, we can continue to grow the team and make sure that this amazing opportunity is provided to students at Rensselaer for years to come. For more information on who we are, check out our Facebook page or website!

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